Andrew’s Airport Parking is Convenient and Professional

Andrew's Airport Parking is Convenient and Professional

Andrew’s Airport Parking, launched in 1997 by Andrew Shanahan,  is a premier Australian parking provider and the largest of its kind.  Dedicated to “good old-fashioned service,”  Andrew’s Airport Parking has received awards such as the Victorian Fair Trading Award for Customer Service and has been listed on BRW’s Fast 100.

The parking provider is in 13 locations, including Perth, Brisbane, Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Ballina, Launceston, Hobart, Wellington, and Christchurch.  For the Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide airports, the service accompanies over 4,000 travelers every day. Some factors make airport parking an excellent choice for a traveler.

Outdoor and Undercover Parking 24 Hours a Day and 365 Days a Year

When a traveler drops his or her vehicle off at a parking service such as Andrew’s, he or she has the choice of either outdoor or undercover parking.   Whatever the traveler prefers, the vehicle can be parked any time of the year, because the service offers parking 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. There is never a need to be concerned about the parking provider being closed for the day.

24 Hour Security

One of the best things about a parking provider is the security.  When you park your vehicle at a parking service, before traveling to a destination, you know that your vehicle will be in a secure spot with 24-hour security.  It’s important for a parking provider to protect your vehicle and every car, truck, etc. in their care so that when a customer returns he or she knows their vehicle is safe and sound.

Picked Up By a Courtesy Bus

Another way a service such as Andrew’s Airport Parking gives you peace of mind is knowing that there is a courtesy shuttle bus that will pick you up from the airport and take you to your vehicle.  After returning from air travel, which can often be uncomfortable and a hassle, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to worry about getting to your vehicle.  Andrew’s free shuttles run on demand, with experienced and professional drivers, and there are at least six in constant operation.

Car Cleaning, Service, and Repair

What’s also nice about a service such as Andrew’s Airport Parking (  While you are away, your vehicle can be cleaned, serviced or repaired for affordable fees.  For example, you can get an inside clean which includes cleaning the dashboard, door trims and jams, the console and vacuuming of the seats and carpets.   Or you can get an outside wash which consists of a chamois dry.   You can get your oil changed, your breaks inspected, your engine belts adjusted,  your air filter cleaned, your wheels rotated and much more.   These are just some of the services offered by a quality provider such as Andrew’s.

The rates for Andrew’s Airport Parking go up to 14 days with an extra day price acquired after the 14. If you choose to have your vehicle parked undercover rather than outside, you will pay a higher per day rate. For vehicles that are smaller or larger than average, it is advised to call directly for a competitive quote.