Preparing For The College Move

The new-school year is always around the corner. Currently, university-age pupils are gearing up at the dorms and college apartments for the fascinating and crazy of event of moving-in day.

Presented are some things that can be done to make the procedure of moving better, simpler, and less demanding for individuals and parents alike. Consider these 20 strategies for transfer, from supplying your vehicle to obtaining all the essential materials right into a fresh — and frequently little — living area.

1. You don’t have to get furniture if your college supplies them for your dorm. If you do have to get them, try going to Ikea instead for light and small furniture as heavy furniture may simply take room you’ll require for other essentials like books in the moving vehicle. One option is leaving almost all of your utensils and furniture behind or sell them and see if you can get the same stuff at your destination at second-hand stores for cheap. As dorm rooms are crowded, it’s important to just concentrate on necessities. Consider just that which you believe you’ll need. A good rule to follow is if you haven’t used that item in six months, it’s best to leave it.

2. Most of the old standbys of university packing might not be of use anymore. Some internet sites that talk about packing say that some universities now provide laundry services or printing services so students don’t need to bring their own machines anymore. Of course, check with you specific university to see if they actually provide those services and those services are included in rent.

3. To save on eating out it’s a great idea to get a little stove and small-refrigerator. If you are going to be living with a roommate, ensure that you seek his or her advice so that you don’t double-up on furniture and appliances.

4. For university transport, think about perhaps a skateboard or a bicycle. That’s a way cheaper option as you don’t have to pay for gas and maintenance for a vehicle. To save even more, invest in an openable window or table fan since many older dorms won’t have air conditioning.

5. Don’t forget to pack your hobbies, for those nights you need a break from studying, have a guitar or your preferred instrument of choice handy.

6. Before actually moving to the dorms, go there at least once or twice to look at how big it is to see if your furniture is actually going to fit. That way when you arrive with your stuff, you won’t be aghast to find that nothing will go through the doors and your appliances can’t be used in your dorm.

7. Bring retractable storage space to utilize the little space you have in the best possible way. Having bunk beds are great to help save space as well especially if you’re sharing a room with a mate.

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